Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just for fun!

Today we didn't have to much going on just the normal school for B and errands for Jack and I. I did TRY to get some pictures of them today in their cute Valentine's shirts. My friend and second cousins wife, Bonny made these cute shirts for the boys. I figure this is the last year that I can pull of Barrett in holiday themed t-shirts so I gonna take advantage. LOL!!

I mean really what do I have to do for a good picture of these two? If one is smiling and sitting still the other is dive bombing off the chair. Oh mercy!!! Drives me crazy I tell ya.

Christie, SuSu, the kiddos and I had lunch at a new place in Tyler today. The Fish City Grill. We really enjoyed it, everything was really good. So it will give us a new option for lunch dates, we have been in a rut lately. I'm off to attempt Barrett's Valentine gift bags, wish me luck!

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