Saturday, February 6, 2010

Treats of all kinds

We had a pretty lazy Saturday today. The boys and I just hung out at home doing laundry and other little household duties. It has been so cold, having the boys couped up inside has been such a treat. Ha Ha!!

Mary Michael, Su Su and Christie came over for lunch today. These two babies are so funny together. When they see each other their little faces just light up and they both squeal with delight.

I had mentioned in passing that I might make some brownies that Mck Mama had on her blog. They are these cute valentine brownies. Well, B has been bugging me "Mom can we Phuleeeeeeesh make the brownies?" I finally gave in today and here are our Valentine brownies. They turned out pretty cute. Once again my child only ate the icing off the top. He does this with cake, cookies, cupcakes. I will take note: next time just make Barrett a bowl of icing, no cake, or cookies required. Skipping this step will save Mom time and effort, not to mention a few calories.

One unexpected treat I got today was finding some of my home decor in the potty. Oh the joy's of motherhood with boys. Gotta love it!!

And my last treat of the day! Having this little man crack me up during his bath time. He told me he couldn't find his goggles to swim with, but these worked just fine.

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