Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Boy LOVES his Work!

This child LOVES to work. Everyday it's "Mom, can I go outside and work?" Not play mind you, but Work!!!! I have tried to explain to him that he is a child now and he should play. There will be plenty of time to work later in life, but no he insists on working!

Barrett was so ready to clean up the LARGE branches that fell from the snow fall. He was begging Ryan to bring home a "grinder" what ever that is or a chainsaw. Yes, these are the tools that my son sees as toys. Ryan was busy and he didn't have time to mess with the branches so on Sunday, Barrett was still bugging him about the branches. Daddy gave him a limb saw and told him to have at it!

On Monday on one of his work days. Barrett comes in and tells me that he made Gracie, our kitty a new house. I was thinking oh no, what mess am I gonna have to clean up now. So I head outside camera in hand expecting the worst and find this.......

Oh Babe, it great, but what is she supposed to do with it? This Mom!!!

Like I said the boy LOVES his work!!!!


  1. He is just too cute! Don't you just love their little imaginations? Collin used to do work as well, and called it his "choo choo" work. He was so into trains when he was little and it seemed like everything was centered around trains! Looks like Barrett had a great day on the job!!!!