Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Boring Day

Yesterday was completely boring! Barrett had school and more snow was expected. So I decided to stay home and do the Defensive Driving that I had been putting off for ages!!!! I didn't think that I could force myself to sit in a restaurant and do it and waste a whole Saturday, so I opted for the online version.

Well, the online version was LONG and you have to have a form notarized and faxed in. I'm not sure that my online idea was any better than just going to the boring class. UGH!! It's so funny ever since I got the ticket a while back, Barrett has been a bit of a backseat driver. Every time he sees a police officer, "Mom! Be careful there is a police man!" I have to admit the backseat driving started a little earlier than I had expected!

We did get snow yesterday, but it wasn't quite the snow that we had a couple weeks ago. It didn't stick for very long. Barrett was very disappointed :(!!!!

On Monday I had lunch with two real life and blog friends Kristin and Karah! We had lunch a Newk's one of our favorites! If you can believe it, my silly self forgot to take a picture of all of us. Well it's not that hard to believe actually if you had seen the table with the kiddos. Kristin and Karah were both I'm sure, rethinking their children plans after lunch with 3 young, messy kiddos! HA HA!!! We had a great time and it was good to see them both!!

On another note, this might be my first post without pictures!

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