Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soccer Starts Again

This morning the boys went out to do a little clean up in the yard from the snow fall. Yes, they are just now cleaning up the limbs. Let me rephrase that Daddy is just now doing it. Barrett has had the limbs all piled up and ready to go for a while. He has been waiting on his Daddy to bring the Ranger home.

My child is in his element working outside! There is nothing he loves more.

We also had soccer practice this morning. This was the first practice for the spring season. Last season soccer was hard for Barrett. He is super shy! He had a hard time going and playing a contact sport with kids he didn't know. Before practice he told me. "Mom don't even talk to me about practice, I'm gonna go out there and do good!" When I started in on you have to listen to your coaches, etc. He said, "I told you I'm ready now, don't talk about it!" OK then, little mister!

He did so good!!!! He scored two goals! I was so excited for him. He seems alot more comfortable this year, I so hope he enjoys it more! And after practice he runs up to me with all the other Mom's and says, "Mom I scored two goals! Can I get my surprise now!" HA HA, bribery works every time!!! Way to make your Mom look bad buddy!

Ryan and Barrett headed off to North Texas to pick up a trailer at the deer lease. I asked B to stay home with me, and I got "MOM, no I'm going! Jack will protect you." Gee, thanks sweetie!

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