Sunday, February 21, 2010


Oh my goodness! There are cheerios everywhere!! Jack loves his snacktrap and he loves cheerios in them. He loves to carry his snacktrap around and spill cheerios EVERYWHERE!!! I usually have a built in vacuum cleaner in the form of Lola, the frenchie. Lola has been outside enjoying the weather and has been unavailable for clean up duties. Although I'm sure she would have rather been inside doing the clean up!!

Jack has been obsessed with taking the cushions out of my chairs and sitting and standing in them. As soon as I put them in the chairs, he pulls them back out! Today he decided to pull the cushions out and sit in the chair and eat his cheerios.

He even decided to have a little cheerio stomp in the chair. I just love these little feet so much! Cheerio toes and all!!

Jack was just a complete ham today, I guess since it was just he and I and he got undivided attention! It was a great Sunday with my little man!

On another note. I know all of the area Churches are breathing a sigh of relief, now that two of the Church arsonists are in custody, as am I. I would like to lift up in prayer the family of one of those suspected arsonists, he and his family live on my street. And though I can't imagine how he could do such a thing, I am in such grief for his family. I have no idea how they must be feeling and the grief they are carrying. While I am very angry and upset over the situation. I have a feeling that his family is in the same shock and dismay. I will be thinking and praying for them in this very difficult time.

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