Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day part 1!

On Thursday the snow made it's debut. It started early Thursday morning, but it didn't really stick. B went to school with assurance that there would be more snow later in the day. Well the weather man didn't disappoint. We got some pretty good snow and the boys and I took full advantage and went out to play.

Yes, my children are in raincoats. We don't keep snow gear around these parts. But the rain coat and rubber boots served us well.

I loved watching Jack's pure delight in seeing snow for the first time! He was laughing and squealing! He even tried to catch the snow in his mouth. Soooo cute!!!

Poor little Jack, I had him so bundled up that when he fell he had to roll around he couldn't get up!

Barrett went out to play with the girls next door, and they built a baby snowman.

We were excited about the small amount of snow that we got Thursday! We had no idea what Friday morning would look like!

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  1. I LOVE Jack's expression when he is looking at you!! He is just beautiful!!! And Barret with the cute:)!!! Fun times!!