Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wacky Wednesday!

We had a pretty low key day today. We headed to Lowe's to get some organizational things I needed for B's closet. A trip to Lowe's always means ONE thing......race car buggy. Oh how I despise the car buggy but they just love it!

We had a pretty quick trip to Lowe's mainly because I couldn't fit anything else in the buggy!

When we arrived home Barrett said he was headed outside to play! It was a beautiful day! I love the sunshine, it makes me so happy!

I took a peek outside to check on him and he had of course built something. I went over to check it out and ask him what it was supposed to be? "Mom it's an ice rink, the ice just needs to come and fill it up!"

Note to self: You know your child has watched to much of the Olympics when they try to build and ice rink in the back yard.

Jack discovered a new toy today, Lola's harness. Yes folks, it was a bit of a wacky Wednesday around here.

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