Friday, February 26, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Collections!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today is Kelly's Korner show us your life: collections. I really collect a ton of things like dishes, PURSES, jewelry, etc. My only traditional collection of something would be my Snow Village.

My Mom started my sister and I collections when we were in Jr. High/ High School. At the time I could have cared less about it, but now I am grateful. They are the Department 56 Original Snow Village collection. We would get one each Christmas and we would try to find some relevance to each one we picked.

Here are a few of my favs!

Starbucks this has been an ongoing obsession for a while now!

This church looks almost just like the Church that Ryan and I got married in. In Hunt,TX. It even came with a little sign that goes out front, like most churches have and on the sign my Mom put "Ryan and Kelly 10-13-01". We got it our first married Christmas together.

Of course we have a Hunting Lodge. With all of these crazy hunters I have around here it's one of the boys' favorites!

We also have a Ford Dealership! For our Ford business, they unfortunately don't have a Dodge Dealership. LOL!!

These are just of few of my collection. I have had to slow down because I am running out of space to put them. Luckily they only come out at Christmas, because little hands are so drawn to them!


  1. These are great!!! So pretty!!!

  2. Love your villages...I have not invested in any recently but would love to, I think my little ones would enjoy them! Oh, btw, your boys are just too cute!! I love the name Barrett!! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. What a fun collection. I have one too and would love to keep it up year round if I could. Hope you guys are having a great day and have a fun weekend! By the way, I read your post a few weeks ago about makeup and bought the Bare, love, love it!!! Thanks for the info on it! Talk to ya soon!

  4. Hey girl I love PURSES too! I have more than one should have LOL! I love your snow villages! When I first married the hubs he started collecting the Rudolph villages and we have a ton! We have yet to bring them out since Kelcee was born but we will when she is older!

    I just love your blog and the names on your sidebar are super cute! Your son is just presh!
    I looooove me some bare minerals....
    Have a Happy Friday
    Summer :0)

  5. Love them! I collect the North Pole Villages.