Thursday, February 11, 2010

Silly Boys

These two are so silly. I had a friend who always told me little boys are just silly! I never really understood it until I had my own. Barrett is normally a great child, but when he has a lot of wound up energy. Watch out, he gets silly. At walmart on Wednesday they both just had to have Valentine's balloons. Barrett was batting them around the house like crazy. He and Jack were just screaming and running everywhere. Sometimes I wonder why I inflict these things on myself?

Barrett has a favorite new toy.....a G3 sweeper. His SuSu picked up the little vacuum for Barrett and I, on one of their shopping trips. He has not put the thing down. The upside is that my floors are clean, but I am about to go crazy from the noise.

Here are the boys making a train with the highchair. Silly I tell ya!

Barrett really wanted to stay home from school this morning because of the snow. I told him that more snow was coming after school and he needed to go because it was his Valentine's party. So Grant Dade, do not make a liar out of me! He had to go to school, I did work hard on his cute Valentine's gifts. LOL!!!

If you are a regular here, you will remember at the Christmas party I felt like slacker mom with my goodie bag packaging. So I took Leslie's idea and made cute sacks for the Valentine's goodies. Thanks for the idea Leslie!! I think they turned out cute. Each sack had the kiddos initial and the boys had white tissue and girls had pink! By George, I will not have ugly gifts this time! Just kidding, kind of.

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