Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Mountain Man Returns

My wonderful husband FINALLY arrived home last night after being gone over a week! He and my BIL Cragg went on a mountain lion hunt in Colorado. They had a great time and TONS of snow. They must have brought some home with them because as I am typing; it is snowing here and has been all morning (more on that later).

Here are the boys stuck in Santa Fe in a near whiteout. They closed the roads and they were stuck on the interstate for two hours. They finally cleared one lane and the boys were able to continue on to Colorado. Oh men, I told Ryan to take pictures on the trip, he even took one of the nice cameras. I knew that wouldn't happen he snapped a few with his phone so I guess that will have to do. He did however video some of the trip. I assure you, your not missing anything. Ha ha!!!

They boys hunted hard, they didn't end up with a lion. Towards the end of the trip the dog got on a trail and treed a bobcat, which for us was no big deal. My five year has one in his room. Apparently in Colorado bobcats are pretty scarce so one of the other hunters, who had a tag took the bobcat. Barrett informed his Dad that if he wanted to hunt bobcats he could have stayed here! They had a great trip and made a ton of memories and that's what hunting is all about anyway!

I should have taken a picture of my mountain man, but i didn't. And, Ryan did actually bring me something back from the trip. Since he didn't bring me a lion to hang up, he brought this......................

The town they were in is obviously a big pinto bean producer. Gee Babe, you really shouldn't have.

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  1. OK, seriously...the 20lbs of pintos crack me up!!!! He just knows you love to funny!!!:)