Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Sunday!

We had a great Superbowl Sunday, low key but very fun! SuSu, Big B, Christie, and Mary Michael came over to join us for the game. Ryan and Cragg are still hunting in snowy Colorado.

I love days when you can cook and enjoy time with those you love the most, so fun. I made lemon squares, the Pioneer Woman's salsa, and beef drip sandwiches. It was all fabulous. I have made a ton of her recipes and I have LOVED every one of them!!!

SuSu and Barrett made an appetizer, together. SuSu has so much patience with him, a trait that I, unfortunately did not inherit. But, I am working on it!! I have such wonderful parents, I try took follow in their footsteps daily.

Barrett decorated for the big game by hanging balloons on all the doors, not really sure why????? Barrett and Big B played "pookie ball" my Dad's, own game creation. You take a ball or in this case balloon, and see how long you can keep it up in the air, bouncing back and forth with each other. Jack wanted so badly to play! The boys soon moved on to flying paper airplanes. I cherish watching my Dad play with the boys, it just warms my heart.

This little cutie loves trying to keep up with the boys! She will be there pretty soon, I think they better get ready for her!!

Congrats to the Saints! At the end of the game when they were showing Drew Brees with his little boy, Oh tear! So sweet!!

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  1. I want the sandwhich recipe! That's my favorite thing ever!!!