Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween on a school day, BOO!! Or more like Boo to you! Barrett was so excited to take his Halloween treats to school to his friends. I thought his Erin Condren labels turned out super cute!
Poor Jack was not feeling well, he had been running fever and saying his head and mouth hurt. I was so confused as to what was really hurting, I assumed throat? So Jack and I just hung out at the house while Barrett was at school. After school, I thought we should take Jack to the Dr. so we headed to Tyler to have him checked out. They tested him for strep, but it was negative thank goodness! Dr. said it must be just viral and would have to run its course, I always loathe that diagnoses. Anyhoo, I was craving pumpkin yogurt from TCBY and Barrett said that sounded YUM! I grabbed the boys and headed in to grab our yogurt. Jack started whining as we walked in, but I didn't think much since he felt bad. I was getting Barrett's bowl when all the sudden Jack threw up everywhere!!!!!! I almost died, I was in such shock I picked him up and when I did BLECH, he threw up ALL OVER ME!!!! Face, hair, everywhere!!!!!!! I was in a panic, I was grabbing napkins trying to clean us up and the was TERRIBLE!!!! So needless to say we quickly left the mess to a NOT so happy college kid to clean up, YUCK!! I apologized and RAN out!!!!!! So, we had one sick boy, a mad one who didn't get his yogurt, and one dirty embarrassed Mom!

We got home and cleaned up, then it was time to get ready for Halloween!! Our candy was ready and so were the boys, well one of them at least.

Sheriff Barrett and a sick Jack. Jack really wanted to wear his costume too, but I talked him into the skeleton p.j.'s.
Of course Barrett had to have his gun with his costume, no surprise there. When we were picking out costumes we picked strictly based on which ones have guns or weapons.

Jack fell asleep early and not even the doorbell from the trick or treaters bothered him!

Here is our Halloween crew! These kiddos have been going together for years, can't believe they are all so big now!! Just missing little Jack:(

We usually leave our candy at the door, because we are all out with our group in the neighborhood, but not this year. I have to say I enjoyed hanging at the door and seeing all the cute kiddos, but I sure wish Jack would have been able to go. All of our sweet neighbors didn't forget Jack they all sent him special bags of candy, so sweet!! Happy Halloween!!!!

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