Monday, October 10, 2011

Country Fest Weekend 2011

It was a big weekend here in our little town, it was Country Fest Weekend! We started off on Friday with the homecoming football game. Ryan accessorized a new Lindale Football jeep complete with Lindale stickers.
The" football rig" all ready for the game!!

We headed up to Barrett's school for a hamburger supper with the Nance family. Barrett and his "girl friend" Karah.
The homecoming game was great. I got to see a friend that had moved a few years ago, she was in to see her son's last homecoming in Lindale. So great to see her!! The Eagles played great, we WON!!!

We started our Saturday early, about 7 am for the pancake breakfast at the Methodist Church. The pancakes were yummy, and the kids were sticky. HA!! Sweet kiddos!!

Next up was the parade. We had several cars that were in the parade pulling the football team, city officials, etc. Ryan and I tried to get the boys to ride on the football float, but NO! Barrett insisted he wanted to watch from the street and get CANDY!! No surprise there. HA!!

Daddy pulling the football team! The boys were excited to see him, but still glad they were catching candy.
A few of our other vehicles on parade.

Like I said, CANDY time!!!! HA!!

After the parade we headed over for the main event the Country Fest carnival/fair. The kids love the games, and booths. Barrett and his friend Keatyn riding the train.

The boys wanted to do the face painting booth, I wasn't quite sure if Jack would sit still long enough. The face painting booth was put on by the drill team, and the girls did a really good job!

Jack totally surprised me! He sat still the whole time. Here are my "batboys"!

Another plus of Country Fest, all the great food, fried everything!!

After a long day at Country Fest we headed home to get ready for our last event of the day, the Bull Fest. The dealerships are a big sponsor of the Bull Fest, it's a fun event because it's like a rodeo with just bull riding. The boys love it, they also love getting all "cowboyed" up.

Anna and I
Barrett and his friend Hunter enjoying the bull riding.

They were offering "mutton busting" which is riding sheep. I asked Barrett is he wanted to do it, and he said no, he had just done it at the rodeo. So then I decided to ask Jack if he wanted to, he said "Yes, I ride bull." HA!! NO, but I guess you can ride a sheep.

So here is my baby ON A SHEEP!! He was not the least bit scared, but as I watched all the other kids go and and then get up crying I was rethinking it. I begged Ryan to take him out! I thought, he's 2, what am I doing? What if he gets stepped on?!? PANIC!!!!
My sweet Jack rode that sheep for like a second, I don't think he really understood how to hold on. HA!! I was dying, he got right up, NO tears!!! The announcer even made the comment that he was the youngest rider and in Texas we start them young. So funny!! I don't know what I was thinking, I'm SO glad he is okay!! More proof that he is living up to his second child personality. Love that boy!!
All the boys had a ball riding out in the arena for a drawing for prizes. They thought they were so cool!
Famous in a Small Town, for sure!! It was a BUSY, but Fun weekend!! Hope yours was great!

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  1. Looks like fun! Great memories for all of you