Monday, October 24, 2011

Work at Rough Creek

On Saturday we headed to Rough Creek for a little work. What's new? These boys always have a project!! The guys have started digging another small little pond that will run under the bridge. I think it will be cute......when it's finished, HA!! Barrett as most of you know is CRAZY about tractors and equipment. A while ago Ryan showed him how to operate this track hoe. HE LOVES IT!!!! It's really amazing that he can operate it, most grown men wouldn't know how!!

A boy in his element!! These two just love being out at Rough Creek! If we miss a weekend it's just unacceptable!!
We grilled sliders and sausage, and watched, err, tried to watch the Ranger game. The game was terrible but I had great company.

Lola even got in on some food. We found her with this chip bag stuck on her head, haha!!!
Hope y'alls weekend was great!!

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