Monday, October 3, 2011

The Boys Will Play....

The week of September 19th the family had a business trip to Baton Rouge. Our friend and sitter Anna stayed home with my boys, it was a long week away from them!

Here are the girls on our way, Millie's first plane ride!!

Anna started the week off with fun by taking Jack to the Zoo! She did text me while they were at the zoo to ask if I had an extra key at the dealership, because they had accidentally locked themselves out! HA!! Minor incident, they did get back in the house :)

The boys had many fun dinners with Anna's family and had fun at the park at Hideaway!

I missed my sweet boys terribly!! When I talked to them on the phone they were so cute, and they assured me that they missed me too, HA!! Anna did call and tell me that Barrett got recognized for good character during the week, because he found some money at school and turned it in to the office. So proud of my sweet boy!! Anna did a wonderful job with the boys while we were away! Barrett was reading his books great and he made 100 on his sight word test! YEA! We arrived home late Thursday evening to a great b-day surprise from my boys! (more to come on that)! So great to be home!!

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