Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trunk or Treat!

Tuesday was Trunk or Treat at Jack's school, it's always so fun to see all the little one's in their costumes! Here is my little cowboy before we left.

These were the little treats I literally threw together in about 5 seconds. I was worn out from being at the World Series game the night before, we didn't get home till like 1 a.m. So when I got home ALL I thought about was bed. When I got up the next morning, way to early, I realized I hadn't made the goodie bags yet!! AHHHHH!! So I quickly threw them together, thank goodness he only has 10 kids in his class :)

Here is my trunk all ready for the treaters!!
This is Jack's class coming out, now notice I couldn't get close because if he saw me he would have melted down EVEN MORE!! Poor thing he is just such a Mommy's boy, I could hear him saying "I want my MOMMY"!! So pitiful!!
Well he was just so upset, I decided to leave the candy on the ground by my car and go walk around with him. I hated for him to be upset while trick or treating. He perked up and got the hang of it pretty quick!
Here is Jack with his favorite friend Cade, is her costume not so funny?!? She was like a pink fuzzy monster, she had these precious pink furry boots too!
After school the boys found the extra vampire teeth from the goodie bags, they thought they were VERY scary!!!
Later that evening they boys were out playing, when Ryan and I heard Jack say "Get my Gun!!" We asked him what he needed it for and he said fwogs!! HA HA!! After Barrett straightened him out and explained that frogs were nice, Jack still wasn't convinced and wanted NOTHING to do with them! Barrett on the other hand was loving them. All I could do was say WASH your hands and pray that he wouldn't get any warts. Just kidding, but not really!

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