Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jack on the mend

WOW, it's November 1st, seriously this year is flying by!! New month means new decor, this morning I put Halloween away and brought out the Thanksgiving stuff. I always feel like Thanksgiving gets no respect. After Halloween most places are putting up the trees and playing Christmas tunes. That's not really fair, Thanksgiving is a great holiday!! HA!!

Jack had no fever this morning and seemed to be on the mend, thankfully!! He acted like he felt tons better, but I decided to keep him home with me to be sure. We ran some errands in Tyler and he fell asleep on the drive home. He has been so tired lately, I thought I could sneak in and get a pedi and I could hold him while he slept. Well he slept for like the first 5 minutes, ha!! He was really good thought he just sat in my lap and watched a movie on my phone. He looks thrilled huh?!?

Ryan was busy down at Rough Creek tonight so it was just the boys and I. Barrett said he wanted Chili's for dinner and he wanted what his Daddy orders. Here are my little men eating their chicken fajitas,
just like Daddy.
So we are on the mend around here, hope y'all had a great Tuesday!!

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