Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Our Thanksgiving Day started out on a foggy note. That however didn't stop Barrett from getting up bright foggy and early, to shoot his gun. No, he wasn't shooting turkey, just some diet coke cans.

Ryan and I were so excited to host all of our families for the first Thanksgiving at Rough Creek!
Our little turkeys!!

Our family.....SO much to be thankful for!!!!
We had a total of 26 people at our dinner so we had to eat in shifts, ha!! First up were the kiddos. We decided to put the kiddos outside, less mess!!!!
It's more fun at the kids table!!

The "Barrett" girls!!
Some of the Thanksgiving guests, the other kids table ;)
It was a great day of fellowship and family. We enjoyed having the Barrett, Hopson, Lair, and Todd families. I think the first turkey day at Rough Creek was a success and we look forward to many more!! The boys ALL loaded up for a ride before we all headed our separate ways.
My boys and Kolby headed to North Texas for some hunting. I decided against hunting and went to Lufkin with my MIL and SIL for some black Friday shopping. Last year was my first experience doing it. I didn't really buy much, but I had fun spending time with Dori and Teresa. After studying all the ads we were ready to shop. We left the house at 8:45 pm on Thursday, our first stop was Walmart. There are really NO WORDS!! If you haven't ever experienced Black Friday, well frankly your missing out on some pretty hilarious behavior!!!

Yes, this would be ADULT people riding in buggies. I told you NO WORDS!!!!!!
We got some good deals at Walmart, we each got 40" T.Vs for cheap!! I also got a few toys checked off the list! After Walmart we headed to Belk to wait in line. Teresa and Dori read that the first 250 people to get in Belk when it opened at 3 a.m. would get gift cards worth anywhere from $5 to one with $1000. I was skeptical to say the least. I didn't really need anything in Belk so the thought of waiting outside, in line, in the cold was less than desirable. We got in line at 1 a.m. We did have fun eating Whataburger and talking with the girls around us. We were all just hoping to get a card PERIOD!! As the time grew closer to opening, people were trying to cut in line and sneak in. Everyone in line was getting antsy!! I was afraid of being trampled all for a $5 dollar gift card, AHHHHH!!!!!! So finally the time came and we were let inside to shop. Teresa and Dori made there way in, I seriously just held on to Teresa's purse strap and followed. Thankfully we all got gift cards!!! We all scratched them off, Teresa got $10, Dori got $5, and when I scratched mine off I got $100!!! I was excited and said WOO HOO, I got $100!!! Some girl heard me and asked what I said. I told her I got $100 and she explained to me that there were 3 cards with $100 on them, but one of those was actually the $1000 and I had to take it to a register to have it checked. I somehow in all the craziness outside missed that part of the bullhorn speech, ha!! Teresa and Dori were freaking out, I was like, Y'all I did not win it, I'm sure!!!!! So I headed up to the register and people were following me so they could watch and see if I won, it was so hilarious!! The cashier took my card and slid it through and low and behold......... I WON the $1000!!!!! I couldn't believe it!! So funny!!! It made the whole Black Friday craziness worth while!!

After Belk we were worn OUT. We headed home to sleep for a bit! Later that day Jack and I headed over to visit Mary Michael and Mille at SuSu's house. Blurry picture, but SuSu with the kiddos!!

The boys were having a blast hunting in North Texas, but could have done without the 30 MPH winds. Barrett at one point asked Ryan if the stand was going to blow over!! Barrett has been shooting his BB gun, and shot gun for a while. He had been apprehensive about shooting his rifle, this weekend he finally practiced shooting with it. This was his first 2 shots, not bad. Takes after his Mommy!!!!
Kolby shot a 9 point, his first buck! Great deer Kolby!!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break, now it's time to get those decorations out!!! YEA for Christmas time!!!

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