Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Meaningful Christmas

Last week my sweet friend Leslie organized an ornament party for a "Meaningful Christmas". It is a great way to remember the REAL reason for the season, you get 24 people to make an ornament that goes with a verse for Advent. Leslie did such a great job my ornament was day 20 for "The Vine", I would post a picture but it really was nothing special (not surprising with my crafting skills)!! Leslie's house on the other hand was fabulous, I would expect nothing less!!

Leslie, the fabulous hostess and I.

This is the table of ornaments. Each girl made 24 of the same ornament, so that way we each had 24, a different one for each day and verse.

Leslie giving us a great example of the fullness of every ones lives and how God should come first and then there will be room for everything else to fall into place!

Sweet Friends!!

Leslie had a box for us to put our ornament in and take home. She did a wonderful job with the party! The food was so yummy and the fellowship was so much fun!! The boys were so excited about starting the ornament tradition. Thanks Leslie for a wonderful night, I feel so blessed to have you in my life!!

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  1. very cute! This is a lot like a Jesse Tree. I've always wanted to put together an ornament exchange for a Jesse Tree.....maybe next year......beautiful ornaments!!!