Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Wagon Ride

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day around here, we were outside enjoying it. My parents came up for a visit so we met them for lunch at Posado's or as B calls it the ice cream place.

We came home and breathed in the beautiful day! B is always outside "rain or shine". Recently Jack has been wanting to go out all the time. He goes to the window and points, kind of making some babble like "hey why does he get to go out!"
Well today he did get to go out!!!!!

This little man loved it! As does my first little man, and Jack has apparently picked up his brothers affinity for all things tool related. He had some sort of tool in his hands at all times.

Then my sweet B came over to Jack and I pulling his wagon and said "Mom, can I take Jack on a ride? I have his blanket and his monkey in here." Oh just melt my heart I had seen B with towels drying out the wagon, but I didn't know why. He was getting it ready to take his brother for a ride.

These two had a ball, B would have pulled Jack around all day. I had to stop him when my little daredevil started standing up while riding around! Oh these boys!!

Jack finally cornered Gracie the kitty in the back after chasing her forever! He always sees her from the window and just squeals with delight, maybe that's why she runs from him. Ha Ha!!

It was a perfect day with my boys! I love how they are really starting to play with each other now. I am so lucky to have three wonderful boys in my life!! All the dirty boots and screws in the dryer are just a bonus!


  1. Adorable!!!! So jealous you guys are playing outside....it is so very cold here in Nashville! We are really ready for some warmer temps. Take care and have so much fun!

  2. I LOVE that picture of you and Jack. Your hair looks AWESOME! Ya'll are adorable. Glad you're enjoying the nice weather we have been outside too and someday I'll blog it I promise...haha!