Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coughing and Cooking

For the past few days Barrett has had a horrible cough. I took him to the doctor on Monday to make sure it wasn't anything bad. On our way he said "Mom do I have to take my clothes off today and wear the paper.?" He just had his 5 year check up last week and he didn't much care for that part!! So yesterday the cough was worse, that meant no school for him. He was really bummed about that he LOVES school (hope that lasts). I called the doctor back and he called in some cough medicine for him. Today my little man has rested all day so hopefully he will be back to normal soon. He is such a talker and it has been extra hard for him, the more he talks the more he coughs. Poor thing.

Today I was in a cooking mood, such a gloomy day I just wanted to say inside. I started off making the Pioneer Woman's Pound Cake. Oh my!!!! It is divine. I called my sister and made her immediately take half of it home, sorry Cragg. Then I made some yummy almond tea!!! It is just delish!!! I was sitting back enjoying my tea and thought, after all this cooking I don't have anything for dinner. So, I decided on Chicken and Dumplings for my sick B-Doodle. Now I have a PILE of dishes starring at me, not fun.

While I was busy cooking my mischievous little angel was caught red handed in the snack drawer.........

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!!!

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  1. Cullen missed him! I think there were four out!!! Hope he is better! I will have to try the pound cake!!!:) Blessings...