Friday, January 22, 2010

Beautiful Day at the Zoo!!

Today was absolutely beautiful outside so we decided to head to the zoo! The weather was so perfect, breezy and sunny. We had a picnic lunch in front of the giraffes and elephants. As we were finishing lunch we heard some crazy noises and it was two wart hogs fighting right in front of us. B was like "what in the world is that?" I was in such shock I didn't even think to take a picture of it. LOL!!

Jack had such a blast, this was the first time I let him walk around at the zoo. He loved it!! He was running around everywhere. B had a map of the zoo, why I don't know because we have only been there 100 times. Anyhoo, he was obsessed with finding each animal on the map. They had little animal icons to represent different areas, he was insisting that we find each animal. Problem was that there were some animals that we couldn't quite tell what they were. He kept calling one an anteater, I said "Honey that don't have anteaters here." B: "Mom yes they do it's on the map!" This went on until I had to tell him, "Well babe, I guess your right, but they must be inside for the winter." I wonder why he feels the need to be right all the time? Hmmmm?????

It was a perfect Zoo day. The zoo was beautiful as always and it always make me want to come home and do some landscaping. Ha Ha!!!!

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