Thursday, January 28, 2010

Canton Trip

It's that time of the month again............CANTON!!!

The kiddos woke up bright and early ready to venture to Canton. Jack did his usually breakfast with Daddy. It is so funny Jack has always eaten by the time Daddy eats his breakfast, but every day he eats some cereal with him. Sometimes Jack sits with Ryan, but other times he get a bite and runs around playing then comes back for more.

Barrett thought it was going to rain today so he suited up for the storm. It never rained on us, but gotta love a man that's prepared!

It was a quick trip. Thursday is such a bad day to go, not all the vendors are open. We were just wanting to get out of the house before the rain came and the temps dropped.

Again, to all you Mom's of three or more. Hats off to you if you can get a good pic. With these three someone is always looking crazy LOL!!

I got the cutest wrought iron tree, I'm using it as a necklace hanger. I have broken no telling how many when they all get tangled together. This is perfect cause it gives each necklace a little branch. LOVE it! I also got this little black knit head warmer thing, it is super cute and keeps your ears warm and hair pushed back. Who could resist these cute necklaces and leather cuff! Not me apparently.

Being around all that fried food today got me thinking about dinner, and I thought how about chicken fried steak. I have attempted a few recipes in the past without much success. Tonight it was, who elses but... the Pioneer Woman's. For once it turned out great. The boys loved it!

Tonight I would like to mention that my second cousin Mark and Callie had their second little girl today. The baby had to be flown to Houston she was having some trouble, I just wanted to lift the family up in prayer!

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  1. Ok girl, you have to stop tempting me with all of your wonderful Canton goodies. One of these days my girlfriends and I are going to show up there expecting you to be our guide! I'll say a prayer for your cousins baby girl. If they need anything while in Houston, I'm only about 15 minutes from Texas Children's and would be happy to help out.