Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years at the Beach!

This past Wednesday we headed to the beach for our 4th annual New Year's in Port Bolivar. It is one of our favorite traditions to spend New Years at the beach. Some find it strange, the beach in the winter? Yes, it's fabulous you get to have a fire in the fireplace, watch football and stare out at the waves. (plus at the beach it's always happy hour!) we just love it.

We needed to make a trip to the beach house for some business also. About a week before Christmas my parents beach house was broken into. They stole all the t.v's and some other electronics, and some tools. LUCKILY, they didn't trash the place or mess with anything else. The thieves also broke in to four other houses in our neighborhood. It was a Merry Christmas for somebody.

So with my trusty handyman in tow, my hubs. We headed down to replace the t.v.'s and celebrate the new year!

The boys woke up bright and early on New Year's eve, so I made Ryan put the T.V.'s up, lets face it; there is only so long I can be without the television. HA!

Barrett was just going CRAZY to get on the beach so we all piled into the jeep and went for a beach drive. It was too cold to go on the golf cart like normal, so when we got on the beach and Barrett was wanting to jump out every five seconds. I told him I would walk on the beach with him. WOO HOO! The beach was sooo cold. After we walked for a while I told Ryan, who was warm in the Jeep with Jack. "Well it's not so bad once your feet get numb."

Barrett is a master seashell hunter, he and Ryan always go early in the mornings and they find a ton. Barrett loves to hunt for seashells but he does have some special instructions; no broken ones, none with crabs in them, and no angel wings. I was warned that if I didn't follow these instructions I could not participate with him. I'll remember that next time sweetie!

Jack had a blast climbing up and down the stairs. While Barrett just loves popping fireworks. We had a few left over from July 4th so we popped those on New Year's eve.

There are usually a ton of fireworks going off all down the beach, so we thought we would save our big fireworks for New Year's day. I'm glad we planned it that way because it rained almost all night NYE. So we watched everyone else pop theirs and had a fire, a very relaxing NYE.

On New Years Day I cooked cabbage, black eyed peas, and cornbread for the traditional lunch. I usually do greens instead of cabbage because I think cabbage smells just horrible, but Ryan loves cabbage so I made it for him. He made me try it and it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Ryan's Mom, brother, and a friend came down to stay with us on New Years day. Barrett had so much fun with Uncle KoKo and Gunner. I'm sure he drove them bonkers LOL! They popped the fireworks on the beach that night while Nana, Jack and I watched from the deck.

My firework pics didn't turn out too well, but take a look at the moon. It was so beautiful and the pic doesn't do it justice. It was huge and the reflection off the water was so neat!

The rest of our time at the beach was spent WATCHING FOOTBALL!!!!! I am bowl gamed out, that is of course until Thursdays Texas game! Ryan and Barrett tended to a few little odd jobs around the house which means B was in his element. Ryan and I were watching a football game when we looked outside to find this.............

This little boy loves him some WORK!!!! When he has a project he is truly happy. Like father, like son!! (sure not like his mommy)!!

And in football game talk, Congrats to my Ole Miss Rebs who WON the Cotton Bowl, AGAIN!!!! Hotty Toddy!!!! The first half was so slow, but the second sure made up for it.

Jack is proving to be more like his brother and Dad everyday, out of all the toys downstairs this is what he picked.........................

The boys and I had a blast, literally! I just love spending time with them and watching them grow and experience new things. They continue to surprise and amaze me everyday! 2010 is starting out really great!!!

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  1. That stinks that someone broke into your parents beach sorry to hear that!
    It looks like beautiful beach area though! Your pictures are great!