Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just the two of us!

Tuesday night Big B and SuSu came into town. My Mom and Dad had been in Mexico on a vacay, and hadn't seen the kiddos in a while, plus Mary Michael had a doctors appointment in Dallas on Wednesday. Barrett over heard my Mom and I discussing whether or not the boys and I should go too. I decided not to go, but forgot to run this by Barrett. When he woke up today, he came out of his room fully dressed and ready to go. I asked him, "what are you doing buddy?" Him: "Mom I'm ready to go to Dallas." Me: "well babe, we are not going."

Well, take a wild guess who won that battle. Barrett called his SuSu and asked if he could go. Of course, she let him so "three women and a little man" headed to Dallas.

He did a great job dressing himself. Usually this turns out horrendous and a small battle ensues, which ends with me being victorious. Luckily today no swords were drawn.

With only one child in tow, I decided to brave the cold and run some errands. Jack and I hit up Hobby Lobby and Tarjay, two of my favorite places. Jack didn't enjoy Hobby Lobby to much, but he LOVED Target. (although, that might have had something to do with the sonic grilled cheese!)

When Barrett arrived home we played a new wii game I got, "Just Dance". So much fun! Christie and I were just dying, the babies were both bouncing around with the music! The game is really a workout if you get into it, not that I would do that or anything.

We are supposed to get some really cold weather tonight, maybe snow tomorrow! I know one little boy who would love to see it!!

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  1. Jack makes my heart melt with those sweet eyes. Barrett is adorable too!