Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun Sunday!

We had a great Sunday. We started off the day by visiting a new church, well new to us that is. We had a great worship service that we really enjoyed and the church was very welcoming. Barrett was very good in "big church", but I see him joining the other children very soon! PawPaw stayed at home and kept Jack so that we could check out the Church before taking him to the nursery.

After church we went to eat at Posados. Barrett picked this place for ONE reason! When I asked him why he wanted to go there, he claimed "cause they give you chips", I knew better. It's for the ice cream. My B man has a major sweet tooth!

When we were stuffed full of Mexican food we headed home for an afternoon birthday party. Our sweet neighbor across the street was turning 3! I had sooo much fun shopping for girlie presents. I don't get to do that to often.

Jack had a ball playing with all of Bre's toys, he had so much fun playing with all the big girls in the playroom.

Barrett had fun helping Ms. Janelle with arranging all the presents and getting the cake ready. I missed him for a moment, and when I found him he had of course found some tractors.

For dinner I made The Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti, it was very yummy! It was a great Sunday! Now if it would just warm up a bit!!

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