Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doctors and Necklaces

Today B had his FIVE year old check up. Yes his birthday was in November and we are just now getting in for the check up, but hey, we made it. B was about 45% percentile for his weight and height, Dr. Rogers told him he was just right! While were getting checked in with the nurse she had a lot of questions for me and everyone she asked B would chime in after I answered with, no I can't, or yes I do that. She was having a fit laughing at him. Such a ham he is these days.

He was really NOT enjoying this paper gown, he couldn't understand why he had to wear it. Then when Jack got a hold of it and ripped half of it off, well that just made it soooooo much worse!!

Today I received a necklace that I have been wanting for a while. I have been seeing them on some celebs in my weekly magazines and I have been really wanting one. So a few weeks back I ordered it and I LOVE it!!!!!! I think it is so cute!

(pardon my fingerprints, i haven't been able to keep my hands off, literally!!!)

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  1. KELLY! i have been wanting one of those necklaces! where did you order it from? i was just saying (YESTERDAY) that i wanted one! :)