Friday, January 29, 2010

A Messy Morning

Today we woke up to rain which means no outside play. And that, just means crazy messes for me! Barrett took a shower and got himself ready for work??? Well he thought he was going to get to go to work with his Dad, but that wasn't happening today. He had put on a button down shirt, jeans and his nice boots (which he calls Rodeo boots?). He kept saying, "but Mom I have on my nice work clothes!" I explained Daddy has an important meeting and you can't go today. So the next thing I know he comes out of the "kiddy wing" and exclaims that he has moved himself into the playroom and it is going to be his new room. "Uh NO it's not!" So I hesitantly go into the playroom to see what he has done. He has moved the majority of his closet into the playroom closet!!! UGH!!!!! This is not the best way to start the morning. After I moved his clothes, belts, hats, underwear, and shoes back to their rightful home I entered the kitchen to find my baby having breakfast with Lola.

Never a dull moment around here folks!

I put Jack down for his morning nap and went to shower. I assumed Barrett was fine watching cartoons while I got ready. Keyword being ASSUMED! As I finishing up getting Jack ready, I told Barrett to run and get his shoes so that we could go to lunch. Oh course, I actually had to go get them and this is what I found in his playroom................

This is a cake that Barrett made for us. I think it consisted of a HUGE bottle of baby lotion (it was vanilla oatmeal scented), bottle caps candy, 2 packages of silica gel (found in shoes boxes and purses), and an UGG shoes box. OH MY!!! I literally had to walk away for a while and then come back in to clean up the lotion that was EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

After the great cake debacle we headed to Tyler for lunch at the Potpourri House. Christie and I LOVE their pimento cheese! We had a great lunch and Barrett made something else at lunch for us. He made a rocket ship out of his grilled cheese.

It's funny Barrett was out eaten by Jack and Mary Michael today, but that is not uncommon. B's appetite lately has been horrible!

Tonight my sweetie is taking me to a movie! I think we are going to see "When in Rome". I really need some time out, even if it is only for a few hours! Can't wait to see what Barrett will have "made" for me tonight!!! Have a great Friday everyone!!!

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  1. Oh girl, don't you just love little messes! Looks like you had a funfilled Friday! Hope you had a great time at the movie...I'm dying to see it and I must admit, the movie Valentine's Day! Hope you guys are having a great weekend! Talk to you soon.