Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Here is a quick weekend wrap up! On Friday we had a surprise visit from Big B, SuSu, Christie & Mary Michael. They boys were SO excited to see everyone! Friday night Barrett had a t-ball game, we played the Rangers. It was fun to see a few of Barrett's team mates from last year.

Mim's and Jack had way to much fun! Eating, running around and literally climbing fences!! HA!!

At one point during the game one of our players got hurt and the all the Ranger players took a knee, it was so nice. The Longhorns pulled out a win again!! Way to play ball boys!!

Saturday it was time to work! We headed to Rough Creek to finish the flowerbeds. Wow, we worked REALLY hard!! I mean I was literally shoveling rock ALL day!! I am NOT a fan of hard labor, HA!!

My Dad had the great idea on what to do with the beds, we used giant larope and then filled it in with rock. I think it turned out great!! The boys had a great time as usual, working hard and riding the Ranger.

Here are the finished beds and some different views of the Lodge............

We also moved the shuffle board table in and hung Ryan's new black bear mount. It is really coming along! So exciting!!

I am so ready for the cabin to be finished! We are getting close, counter tops and cabinets are being done now!! What a fun weekend we had!!

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