Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of Kindergarten!

On Friday my sweet boy had his last day of Kindergarten!! How did this happen?? This year flew by way to fast!!
It really wasn't much of a day, the class party was 9:30 and after the party the kids were free to leave. Jack and headed up to the school to get the party ready! I so much enjoyed being the "room mom" this year!! I cherished the opportunity to be so involved with my son's school and classroom.

The party was fun, just a whole bunch of excited, sugared up kiddos!!

Barrett had a really great year! Mrs. Petty was such a patient and kind teacher!! We really enjoyed having her!
My big boy is now a first grader!!!
Mrs. Petty's Kindergarten Class 2010-2011
Now comes the fun part, a busy wonderful SUMMER!!!

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