Monday, May 9, 2011

Cause For the Paws 2011

Saturday April 30th was the 4th annual "Cause for the Paws"!! We were sponsors again this year and I was on a mission, a mission to meet Miranda!! HA!! Some of you might remember the debacle that was last years event, where my husband gave our special sponsor passes to some of our friends that we took to the event. AHHHHH! It's hard for me to go back there! This year proved MUCH better!! This years event was held on the square in Tyler, not a the Villa like years past.

When Jack saw Ryan put his hat on, he went and got his! He wanted to go!!

We had a table for 5 couples. We took Jeff & Angie, Tim & Trish from the dealership; and Aaron & Ashley, and Mike & Jeretta some great friends!

Jeretta and I on the way!

Me, Ashley & Misty!
Our Table!!

Bev and I, Miranda's Mama!! She is SO fun!!

Miranda, Ryan and I!! FINALLY!!!!!!

The show was great she had several opening acts Josh Kelly, Stoney LaRue and a couple more.

Mike and Jeretta!

My Honey and I!

Ash and I, wine had kicked in! HA!!

Miranda was fabulous as usual, I took a few pics of her on stage but they turned out weird?? I think my favorite part was when she brought out her new group, "The Pistol Annies". LOVED them!!
OOOH, I almost forgot the best news! During the live auction we bought a trip to Kauai!! WOO HOO!!! It was a GREAT night! Can't wait until next year.

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