Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rodeo & Mutton Bustin'

Thursday the Lindale Rodeo started, and it was kids night! I had asked Barrett if he wanted to do mutton bustin'? He said yes, so I jumped on the chance and signed him up!! We got all decked out in our rodeo duds and headed out.

How cute are those little cowboys!! LOVE!

Look closely, that is my little cowboy hanging off the side of that animal! HA!! Let's just say we are going to stick with baseball and hunting! I was just so proud that he did it, if you know my shy, firstborn son you would understand!! Way to go B!!!

Daddy was right there waiting to help dust him off!!

Sweet Boys!!

A fun night with friends!!

They had another kids event, the money grab!! Kids 6 and under could run around collecting dollar bills. Barrett has passed on doing this event EVERY year in the past!! This year he ran right out to do it. Well, Jack threw a fit and wanted to go, HA!! I put him over the fence and off he ran!! I think he was the youngest one out there!! He is so the second child.

We actually knew this bronc rider, he is the son of a friend from Lufkin. Small world!

It was a crazy, wild night!! Love my Boys!!

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