Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baseball & Stitches!

Last Tuesday the 17th was a first around here, Barrett had his first big "accident". We were rushing to get to a baseball game. Barrett said he forgot his gum, he rushed to go back inside to get it and while getting out of the truck, he slipped and landed chin first on the rock driveway!!!!!!! He didn't cry right away and I knew it was BAD!! I rushed over and saw blood everywhere!!! Ryan and I cleaned it off and tried to look at it. I thought it might need stitches, so I called Cara our neighbor/CRNA and had her look at it. She said that it needed stitches! AHHHH!! Luckily, Cara talked to him and told him what to expect. So Ryan and Jack headed to the ballpark because Ryan had to coach the game, and B and I went to the emergency clinic. I called Anna and had her go to the ballpark to corral Jack until I got there, she saved me!!

My BRAVE boy and I waited to be seen.

Barrett was absolutely great!! He was nervous but he didn't even cry!! I held his arms down and stayed right by his side. He ended up with five stitches!! I think it was just as hard on me, seeing him in pain!! His whole little body was just shaking while they were injecting the numbing medicine. SO SAD!!!! Such a big man!!! No the lips aren't swollen, Au natural', jealous??

After B was patched up, we headed to our game!! When we got there, the team yelled "come on B we need you!!" I was so proud, he went right out and played liked nothing had happened!!!
The boys played great and Barrett was the hero, he even got to do the end of game huddle count down, which is a HUGE deal!! Another Longhorn Victory!!!

Jack and sweet Karah! The Nance's happened to be at the ball field so they watched our game.

During the game I couldn't keep this sweet boy off the fence, everyone was joking that from the looks of things, it wouldn't be my first "accident"!! HA!!!

My friend Leslie said it best, "With boys it is NEVER dull"!!!

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  1. I know it is only a matter of time until we are making this trip! He is SOOO brave!! We were all amazed at how he went back in to play!!!Love our boys!!!

  2. Hi! I am a real life friend of Jamie Ellis Newman, and I read your blog all the time! love it, as I have two small boys (2 1/2 and 15 mo) it helps me get ready for what's to come, lol. What happened to "there's mud on my monagramed apron" I can't access it anymore, and I LOVE reading hers too! I'd love to be able to see it again! Thanks for sharing your stories, I'm a Texan stuck in MI for awhile and it's nice to read about places I know, I'm an Army wife and can get a little homesick way up here lol!

  3. Girl...been there done that with A! I was a wreck...the stitches weren't the worst part it was the shots before hand to numb it. Because it was on her cheek they had to put her in one of those baby papoose things...broke my heart. These are the parts of parenting that I could definitely do without!!!! So glad that sweet boy is a brave boy too!