Monday, May 9, 2011

Baseball weekend!

We had a weekend full of baseball and outdoor work, oh the JOY of all boys!! Barrett had a game Friday night, the Longhorns played AWESOME!!

Who is this boy?!? He looks so big, makes me sad, and happy all at the same time!!

This was so funny he had just made his second OUT of the night and he did a little dance move, ha, I caught the end!

HOME RUN!!! B hit his first home run EVER on Friday!! I was so proud!!!!

Barrett had a home run, and two doubles. He also made 2 outs!! Woo Hoo!!! The Longhorns WON!!! Way to play boys!!

On Saturday we did lots of planting and yard work. Jack only disapeared twice, I mean seriously?!? Ryan was "watching" him and then he would be GONE!! Luckily our neighborhood is small and not busy!! Silly Boy!!

Anna came over to watch the Derby with us, we had sweet tea cocktails instead of mint juleps. I was really thinking that the girl jockey had a good chance to win, or the ever popular Calvin Borel. Glad I didn't bet because I would have LOST!!

After the Derby we had another t-ball game, we were playing our friends the White Sox. Nana and Paw Paw came to watch Barrett play, he was excited!

Jack is always ready to play!

Our boys played BALL, the other team just played different than we do. In the end we lost by one run :( but our boys made plays!!!

Good game Longhorns, you boys were AWESOME!!!!

After the game we had dinner with Ryan's family and then Anna and I went and saw the new "Madea" movie. It was pretty funny.

On Mother's day my boys brought me breakfast in bed, and then let me go back to sleep. I slept FOREVER!! It was great!! We then had a nice day outside watching the Rangers and Mavericks. Barrett made me some great gifts for Mother's day!

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