Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Weekend at Rough Creek!

After school on Friday we headed to Rough Creek to spend Memorial Weekend with Big B and SuSu! We had some work to do, as usual. Poor Ryan, I know he is wondering if there will ever be a day that he can go there and just enjoy it, instead of working! I was so excited about my new range! I got a Wolf range that is just fabulous!! I told Ryan I may never leave now, which he was thrilled about, HA!!

On Saturday morning we drove to Tyler for our friend Abram's birthday!! He had his party at the Kids Depot, the boys had never been there and were really excited!

Barrett had tons of fun climbing and playing with his friends. I thought Jack would be nervous, but Oh No!! He took off and I couldn't find him most of the time!! HA!!
Barrett and Keatyn!
Happy 6th Bday Abram! They boys had so much fun!!

After the party Mom and I ran some errands and had lunch in Tyler, but the boys were anxious to get back to Rough Creek and WORK!!! What's new! Ryan was working on the carport getting it ready to pour the concrete. They were also working an area where we have a drainage problem. Ryan decided to make the area like a rock river, it's going to look very good.

Big B and Barrett working hard chopping the lightern pine they found in the woods.

Sweet dirty boys!!

We all had a great weekend! We got a call on Sunday morning from Ryan's family. They told us that our dear Pappy, Ryan's grandfather, had passed away. Pappy had a stroke a few weeks ago and had been in ICU in Houston. They brought him home and he passed shortly after. He will be greatly missed, but he is in a much better place with the love of his life and our Lord.

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

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