Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Field Day at ECC

Wednesday was Field Day at Barrett's school. He was so excited about it, we had been practicing at home! Jump Roping, Hula hooping, etc. He was READY!!

Mrs. Petty's Class!!

Wednesday was also a very sad day for us, we learned that Ryan's grandfather, Pappy, had a massive stroke and was in ICU in Houston. Ryan came to field day for a little while and then headed to Houston to be with our family. Barrett was so excited that Daddy came to watch him!!

Barrett had so much fun! He did really well in all events, his favorite of course baseball! Mrs. Petty asked him if he played? He told her yes, and she said she could tell, he was AWESOME!!
Of course Jack HAD to get in on the action too!!

So excited about his medal!!

Sno cones for a job well done!!
What a fun day, I can't believe this year is almost over!!

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