Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Deer Camp!

I have managed to pull myself out from under all the suitcases, and Christmas Decor to finally post about our Thanksgiving. We had a great Turkey Day up in North Texas. I have come to terms with the fact that the majority of my Thanksgivings from here on out will be, not by my choice, at the deer lease. I really do enjoy being out there, for one I get to hunt....that is when my in laws are kind enough to accompany us as sitters. And second, I LOVE watching ALL my boys in their element.

This year was very special there were many firsts. We had my in laws and brother in law come with us, and it was also Jack's first holiday at the deer lease. Barrett had a special first, his first fishing experience and fish! Jack experienced a great first, his first chocolate chip cookie. Not sure what his thoughts on it were......

The weather was very good, usually the wind is blowing 90mph and it's freezing. This trip it was so pleasant! We sat outside by the fire and roasted marshmallows,watched football, and had a great Thanksgiving dinner!!

There are however a few problems about holidays in the woods.....FLIES (they drove me crazy) for every one I killed there were 4 more. Ugh!!, cooking in a trailer (not easy), and the fact that there isn't much for a 13 month old to do out there.

We all hunted hard, but no one had any luck. There were alot of deer just no trophys. Barrett lived outside, as usual. He cut limbs, built things, hunted, and absolutly loved it!!

Teresa, my MIL, was such a huge help she cooked, cleaned and watched the kiddos. It was all work and no play for her, we really enjoyed her being there. We were so happy to have most of the family with us, it made it alot more bearable for me. Err... .I mean fun!

Barrett had the best time fishing. Ryan had him all set up with his little pole. It was so cute I'm sure. I wouldn't know because he didn't take any pictures. LOL!! Just like a man Huh, well he didn't the first day at least. Us girls had run into town for some wine....I mean FOOD, and the boy's went fishing. When we returned Barrett came in to tell me all about the 3 fish he had caught and how fun it was. Me: Ryan, I hope you took pictures! Ryan: Well I forgot my phone and the camera. Me: Oh My!!!!! You have to be kidding! He Wasn't. But have no fear my sweet hubby took him back out the next and and got me a cute picture, glad it was cute cause it's the only one. They just never learn do they?

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  1. Looks like we celebrate our holidays the same way, so much fun being out at deer camp. So where is ya'lls deer lease? We were around the Abilene area on some of my husband's family farms. I hope ya'll will get a deer soon.