Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jenny's Baby Shower!!

On Saturday I helped host a shower for one of my best friends Jenny. She is having a baby boy in a few months, her first and I was so happy to see her!! When Jenny walked in I just died laughing, it's so funny to see her preggers, she is always so tiny and I haven't seen her pregnant(she lives in MS). She didn't think it was to funny, but she looks so cute and I am so happy for she and Corey.

We had the shower at one of the hostesses Mom's house in Lufkin, and it was a lot of fun. It was so good to see all the girls again, it's not very often that we all get to see each other.

Jenny got so many cute outfits and a ton of diaper genie's, I guess she's going to be ready for the dirty diapers! LOL!!

Karen's husband sent Corey the new daddy to be a humorous little gift, from an LSU fan to the Ole Miss fan! So funny!!

Here is the beautiful Mommy to be with some of her gifts!!

Jack and Mary Michael even made their appearance at the shower with SuSu!!

I am so ready for Jenny to have Baby Jackson so she can experience all the wonders of motherhood!! Congratulations Jenny and Corey!! We can't wait to meet you Jackson.

PS. If you know Jenny and I at all, you would know that we are two of the most girlie girls there are. And for us not to have girls is just crazy, they would have bows the size of their heads!! I will say though that little boys love their Mommy's and are the sweetest things on earth!! And I wouldn't trade mine for anything in the World!! All three of my boys...Ryan, Barrett and Jack are my greatest gifts!!

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