Thursday, December 3, 2009

Canton Trip!

Today on this very cold day, my Mom, Christie, Mims, Jack and I decided to bundle up and head to Canton. It is Thursday after all, and Barrett the non-shopping child has school. I needed some ornaments for my girlie tree, and I knew Paul Michael would be just the place. Yes, I have a girlie tree, and please do not judge. Being the only female in the house I have a white tree in my office that I decided to do for me.

We had lunch at the Dairy Palace, YUM!!! My little Jack can put away some grilled cheese he loved it!! Then we headed over to the arbors and made our usually rounds. I was expecting a mad house seeing as how it's December and all, but is was very pleasant.

I found the cutest bunk beds for Barrett's room that I just MUST have. They are made out of willow and they are sooo cute, perfect for his cabin room. I can just see the two of them together. Ohhhh I so cute!!

I only got ornaments for my tree, that has to be a record for me at Canton. My mom did get Jack a pair of Mooshe shoes? They squeak and he thinks they are so funny! Now off to finish my tree and then Snow Village. Not looking forward to it, but I do love it when it's finished!

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  1. I so want to go to Canton. I've only been one time long ago. If my girlfriends and I ever make a trip up there, we'll have to meet you so you can show us all the best places! Oh and I LOVE your trees!