Monday, December 21, 2009

Just the Two of Us....Cousins!

This weekend all the big boys headed to the deer lease for the last hunting weekend of 2009 and the little ones stayed home with the girls. Christie and I were in Lufkin for a shower I was hosting and we had a great weekend at SuSu's house.

Mary Michael and Jack are so funny together, they really love each other and just smile and laugh when they see one another. I am so glad Christie and I have babies so close in age so that they can grow up together, so fun!

My Mom has all these little Christmas animals that sing and dance, the kiddos couldn't get enough of them. They thought they were so funny and would clap and dance when we turned them on. (please excuse Jack's outfit in this pic, we still had on his pj top)

Mims and Jack had their first bath together, and sadly most likely the last. Mary Michael didn't like the bath with her cuz to much. He is a little rough and splashy in the tub so I don't blame her!

You can see Mary Michael's little tears, and there is my son just laughing!!

On Sunday the girls plus one little man headed to Sam's for a little shopping! Here are the cuties in the cart together, and that lasted about as long as the bath did. They were grabbing each others paci's and grabbing each other so Jack ended up riding alone!!

After Sam's we had lunch at Ralph and Kacoo's where Jack had his first taste of ranch dressing!! Mmmm! He loved it, comes by that naturally his Dad and Brother eat it on everything!!

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