Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

We had a very Merry Christmas eve this year with a lot of changes! One reason being that this was the first time Ryan and I have not spent Christmas in Lufkin. This year my parents sold the big house, and taking all the gifts, kids, etc. was getting to be a little hectic. So, we decided to have Christmas at my house this year! WOW!! On Wednesday My Parents and Grandmother came to stay with us. Barrett had a great time getting Nanny to read him stories, it's so wonderful that he and Jack have had time with their Great-Grandmothers.

Thursday Mom and I cooked and got ready for Christmas Eve dinner, Barrett even got to help a little. We made some cookies for our neighbors that had just gotten back into town.

We almost had a White Christmas!! It snowed on Christmas eve it was so neat Barrett loved it, he wanted it to keep snowing!! It didn't stick but was fun while it lasted!! Barrett loved explaining to everyone the real story behind the candy cane. It gave him an excuse to eat one every time he told someone else! Thanks Mrs. Jennifer for teaching him that!

Here are Big B and Jack, my Dad just loves that Jack is so cuddly! As do I, so sweet!!

Here we are on Christmas Eve!! I love my boys!!!

These two just melt my heart, although trying to get them to pose for a picture does the opposite! Ha ha!

Kelly, Dad, Mom, and Christie!!!

Christmas was a little more tame this year. Our tradition has always been to have a big group of friends and family over to my parents house to have dinner/drinks and watch "Christmas Vacation!!" When the little ones started coming, each year became a little different. After all, there is Santa, early bedtimes, reindeer food, etc. Plus the fact that the children CANNOT watch "Christmas Vacation." I will say things are much different now, not bad, just different. I wouldn't change a thing!!

We had dinner and opened a few presents from SuSu and Big B, and Christie and Cragg. B got the funniest little hunting hat from C and C, he LOVES anything to do with hunting! Jack had so much fun climbing on boxes and pulling ribbons off packages. My Dad is famous for saying "just give the kids boxes, they like that just as well."

After our fabulous dinner and presents were done; we put out our reindeer food, and laid out our cookies for Santa, along with his thank you notes.

Then we called it a night and all headed to bed!!!

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