Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

So, I have just a quick post to sum up this past weekend. It could really be described in a few words, SNOW! & COLD! Friday started off with NO school, and a snow day!! Which was great!! Right after Barrett woke up and saw the snow he was in a frenzy, ready to play.

He was sitting down to eat his breakfast and not paying attention, he fell.....face first, on the floor?? Blood was gushing out everywhere! I thought he had knocked some teeth out!! After some tears, & inspection he tore the "frenum"? The small piece of skin that connects the lips to the gums. "Yeah, yuck!"

Hattie, comforting B!!

He made a full recovery and played in the snow!!

We got 4", and in some places more!!

Saturday the boys worked at Rough Creek, while I made a quick Canton run. That evening we had dinner with the Medder Family at Posado's!! Yum! I was terrible and didn't take any pics. :(

Sunday we visited a new church, and really enjoyed it! We then watched the Super Bowl and relaxed!! Sorry for the lack of pictures. Ha!! Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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