Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby it's cold!

Today it was FREEZING!! By far the coldest day we have had in ages. It started out for us with no power.

The boys had fun eating breakfast by candlelight!

Just as we were leaving for school, the power came back on. I said "praise the lord!" Barrett said "The lord didn't do it, the power men did.". Ha!!!

After we dropped Barrett off at school we met Ashley and Asher at the Rockwell's for coffee!!

Jack had a cinnamon roll that was SO yummy!!

After school the boys really wanted to play outside, but it was just to cold! Cozying up by the fire with cartoons had to do!

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  1. I'm so tired of the cold! I'm thankful we never lost power though. I finally let Jack go outside for a few minutes yesterday afternoon in nothing but his footy jammies. The cold didn't phase him one bit! HA!

    Love the picture of the boys laying in front of the fire! Looks so cozy!

  2. I love what Barrett said about the power men! So funny!!!