Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dallas Trip

On Monday I was up bright and early, literally. Jack woke up at midnight sick and we were up all night with him. I had planned on getting up to get ready at 5 am, and turns out I didn't need the alarm clock, ugh!! Poor baby, of course he would get sick when Ryan and I had plans to go out of town. My poor parents, having to come keep a sick baby!! I got up and headed out of town, while Ryan got the boys up and Barrett ready for school. I did get the boys Valentine gifts ready for when they woke up!

My Valentine's present was getting to go see the Pioneer Woman at her book signing!!! I left early that morning to wait in line at Borders Book store to get a wristband . I met some wonderful ladies while waiting!! Here we are in line.

I was so excited to meet Ree!! As most of you know I am a huge fan! I have made almost all of her recipes in the cookbook and am an avid follower of her blog! I couldn't miss her!! I was like the 4th person in line and got my wristband and book with out any problems!

Since Ryan was not coming to Dallas until later in the day, I asked Kristin to spend the day with me! We hit up Northpark, had a great lunch, waited for an hour for Sprinkles cupcakes and got pedicures. We had a fabulous time catching up. So great to see ya friend!!
Yes, this is the line inside Sprinkles. I know I was crazy for even attempting this on Valentine's Day, but I don't get to Dallas everyday and I could not pass up Sprinkles!!
The line outside!! I wasn't the only crazy person wanting cupcakes!!
Ryan arrived and we got checked in at the hotel, got ready and headed out for the night! We were advised to get there early to hear Ree speak before the signing. Here are Donna and I, just one of the great ladies I met at the signing.
This is Jimmy Belasco, he was sitting right in front of Donna and I. Donna was trying to figure out who he was, so she asked him. He told us that he owns a candle company. As soon as he said that, it clicked who he was. Ree had done a post on his candles last December, I remembered reading it and checking out his website. He told us how that Ree had in a way saved his company. Last year he was like most people, struggling with their business in the economy. Ree had picked up his candles somewhere, enjoyed them and did a post on them as a great gift idea. He immediately started getting a ton of orders, therefore helping the business. What a great story!!!! He is so cute, and stylish! I am placing a candle order asap!!

Here she is....with the whole family!! They were so cute!! Ree said she still gets nervous every time she has to speak in front of people!! The Marlboro Man looks just like you would expect, and Ree is just precious!!

All the girls were laughing so hard at Ryan while we were waiting in line. It looks like Ryan is The Pioneer Woman's body guard. HA!!

So funny!!!

Meeting Ree!!! I'm sure I sounded like a crazy lady talking to her! She was very down to earth and so kind!!


After the signing, Ryan and I headed to dinner at one of our favs, Truluck's Steak & Stonecrab.
We had a wonderful dinner!! It was so nice to get away with my husband!!
A BIG Thanks Big B and SuSu for keeping the boys! Thanks Ryan for taking me and spending your Valentine's with a bunch of crazy women!! HA!!!

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  1. Yes, me too! ;) I know it was FAB!!!

  2. aww, yea us! :) had fun . . . glad my stones did not affect our day. seriously, doubled over as soon as i got home. at least my toes looked pretty!

  3. I'm soooo jealous!! I love Ree!!! How exciting for you!!! AWESOME!