Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sick Day

Poor Jack, as I mentioned has been sick. He seemed to be feeling better when we arrived home on Tuesday afternoon. Just to be safe Jack and I hung around the house on Wednesday to give him another day of recovery. He dressed up in his favorite hat and played around the house!!

Right before we left to go pick up Barrett from school Jack came to me like this...............

Yes, disgusting. I know!! That would be Aquaphor. Ughh!! All in the hair too!! That's fun!!

Just when I thought we were on the mend, Jack woke up sick AGAIN today!!! Then to top it off Barrett's school called me not long after he got there saying he was sick!!! REALLY!!! So I had to pick him up a few minutes ago. Both of my sick boys are resting now and turns out we are having another sick day today!!! Here is hoping tomorrow is a better day!!

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  1. Poor Babies!!! Poor Mommy!!! Boo! Hope those boys get better soon! I miss y'all! :)