Monday, January 30, 2012

Maniac Monday

WHEW!! Today has been just one MESS after the other!!! Seriously, I was so ready to get to bed tonight and start a new day. It all started at nap time. I put Jack down and he immediately got up and started playing in the playroom. I put him back in his room and told him to take his nap, and then we would play. I heard a little commotion in his room, but he didn't come out, so I just let him play in there until he fell asleep.

When I went in to wake him up to go get Barrett, the smell hit me. Sorry this will be SO gross, so stop here if needed........... POO!! We have been in the potty training mode for a while now, and Jack has proved much more difficult than Barrett was. Barrett was potty trained before he was three, Jack on the other hand is NOT. We are trying, it's just not fully happening. I was saying, the smell hit me and then I saw the dirty pull up and wipes everywhere!!! AHHHH!!! I then see the mess ground into my carpet. Mind you, we had to leave to go pick up Barrett and I was already running late. I cleaned Jack up and then put stain remover on the carpet and left! UGH! I won't gross you out with the rest of the story, but you can see how that might ruin your day.

When we got home from school the boys were being so good playing outside together. I checked on them a few times and they were digging in the dirt pile. All of the sudden Barrett blows in the back door to come inside like he was in trouble. doorbell rings and it's my neighbor handing me a lighter, telling me there was smoke coming from the backyard and I should probably check it out. LOVELY!!!! I told Barrett to head to his room and wait on my return!! I went outside to assess the damage and found a very small campfire. I mean seriously?!? He had put it out, it was literally barely smoking, but STILL!!! Not to mention he had done it correctly, dug a hole in his dirt area and contained it so to speak. I added some more dirt to put it out fully. Here is the dead fire................
I had a discussion with him about the reasons this was wrong, and the reasons we can't burn here like we do at Rough Creek. He was totally in shock that he was in trouble. My neighbors were CLEARLY disturbed by the situation, I can understand, but our children are just raised different than most. Most 7 year olds wouldn't know how to safely build a fire (I say that lightly, as I am aware safe, fire and 7 year olds don't belong together), but really he can handle more "outdoorsy" situations better than most children his age. Needless to say there will be NO more fires in our backyard. Anyhoo, one more MESS for the day.

Next I found Jack Jumping from coffee table to couch to couch!!! I mean really, I didn't think 8:00 would ever come!!! At least he was being safe also, wearing his helmet and all.

Like I said MANIACS!!!!

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