Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January iPhone catch up

Well guys.....It's January 25th and I am just going to play catch up with my iPhone for this month I guess. I hate getting behind like this, I always tell myself I won't let it happen, but then life happens and ya know!! So here is what we have been up to this month through phone pics and maybe a few from the camera, HA!!

After the first basketball game from the previous post we headed to Rough Creek with a fun surprise for the boys...New Rangers!! Ryan bought an electric ranger or Ranger EV and a regular Ranger. They are both BRIGHT blue, Lindale blue! The boys love the EV ranger it is quiet and easy for them to drive! Boys and their toys!
The gate at Rough Creek is now FULLY finished, YEA!! I can pull up and it opens for me! THAT is a wonderful thing!!
Barrett couldn't wait to take me on a ride on the new EV ranger and "teach" me how to drive it!
When we left RC on Sunday we headed to Tyler for our buddy Logan's 4th birthday at Chuckie Cheese. The boys had a ball!!!! Chelsey did a great job on his party, it was Angry Birds theme, I had some more pics but they have somehow disappeared from my phone :( The cake was SO cute!! Happy bday Logie!!
Just a cute pic of my boys! (Who can remember when it was at this point, HA)
We had a fun girls night on Jan. 11th for Chelsey's birthday! The night ALMOST didn't happen. Julie and I were waiting at Posado's for Chelsey and her sister Ashten and I got a text from Chelsey that she was on her way. The next text I got from her was "Kelly, I just had a wreck!" AHHHH!! Thankfully she was ok, her car on the other hand was NOT, she totaled it!!! The birthday girl showed up, and needless to say we had some LARGE margaritas!!!! Happy Bday Chelsey!!
Jack and I attended "Muffins with Mom" at his MDO. Love special time with my sweet baby boy!!
Daddy brought home another fun toy GUN. Yes....this is real gun and not a toy, my boys don't quite grasp the difference. Fun times.... if your a boy I guess:)
The weekend of Jan. 13th we were back at Rough Creek and SuSu and Big B came to spend the weekend with us! It was great to see them, we watched some football and had some good times by the fire. The boys were busy "working" as usual!!

My Mom and I had planned on going to Dallas on Monday since they boys were out of school and could hang at RC with Ryan and Big B. We were sitting there Sunday afternoon and I said Mom we should have gone and spent the night in Dallas. She said, "Let's GO!" So we loaded up and headed there! It was so fun to have a girls night with Mom, we stayed at Hotel Zaza and had dinner at Truluck's. (sound familiar, it is our favorite) On Monday we shopped and we both got a little something from the Louis Vuitton store, it was a great day!! It would have been perfect if Christie had been with us, but she does have a new baby and JUST moved in to her new house, so I'll let her slide!

This past weekend on Friday night we decided to head over to the Country Tavern with some friends, the Medders and the Johnsons. We had 6 crazy boys who had a great time dancing to the jukebox and eating BBQ ribs!!

After dinner all but 1 came home to spend the night at our house, it was a FUN night!! The boys were packed in the playroom and had SO much fun!! We had some donuts and piggies the next morning and then headed to our basketball games.
After basketball my SWEET husband went to work at the ballpark, he was taking down the old scoreboards so we can install NEW ones that are desperately needed!!! I LOVE that I have such a hardworking, handy & giving husband!!
He so scares me sometimes!
The boys have been all about some dress up lately, meet the OUTLAWS!
This happy boy on his new bike, complete with helmet and the cardboard package it came in. So silly!!
My latest obsession/time suck has been makeup tutorials on YouTube. I have become OBsessed!! That could be why my blog has been suffering!!! I have gotten some great tips and makeup suggestions from them. Now that I am as caught up on my blog as I'm gonna be, maybe I can share some of my new tips and products. I am going to do my best to stay caught up on here!! That has been our month so far.....hope y'alls has been great!!!

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