Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't mess with my BOYS

The boys were SUPER excited to try out the new automatic 22 gun that Ryan brought home not to long ago. (I won't lie....I was to) So we spent the weekend at Rough Creek enjoying the beautiful weather and shooting.
Jack was a little hesitant about the first. But he soon warmed up and was shooting also.
This boy LOVES him some guns!! He though he was really something with this gun.

Jack couldn't find his gun muffs, but he did find another form of protection. HA!!
We all had a great time shooting the new gun. It was a beautiful weekend at the cabin. We also enjoyed watching the Winter X games. Seriously those athletes are amazing!! I just can't imagine the worry their family and friends endure, AHHH!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

P.S. I found this gun in pink.....and Ryan, you need to get on that!!


  1. Gotta love those Hopson boys! Ryan told Jeff about the water tank... oops! :-)

    And yes, you definitely NEED that gun in pink!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend. Such grown up boys. I can't wait to see the pink version!