Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Years 2012 at the Beach!

Well....I am FINALLY posting our NY for 2012. I can't even begin to describe how I feel getting this behind, but TERRIBLE pretty much sums it up!!!!!!! So anyhoo, here was our last week of Christmas break and New Year's.

My parents recently bought a new beach house after selling our last one a couple of years ago. I think that saying we were all excited to be back a the beach is a HUGE understatement!! The new house is front row on the beach in our same neighborhood and we are just THRILLED to be back at the beach!!

This was my first morning sunrise....gorgeous!!!!!

We had a couple of nights with my parents in the new place before they headed to Palm Springs for a wedding. Then we had some friends and family come down to stay with us to celebrate the New Year.

I caught this sweet moment between two of my sweet boys on the deck.
Jack and I enjoying a day on the beach. It was cold and windy, but beautiful!!
B-doodle the master shell hunter!!
Our friends the Medders arrived on Friday, and we were so glad to have them! All the littles before dinner at the Stingeree!!

Yummy seafood and Stingaritas!!
The boys with their shell finds!!
Sand Angels?!?
The fog on New Year's eve day was SO terrible! It didn't seem to bother these boys, they had a ball driving the cart, playing in the sand and even getting in the frigid water!!
Buddies!! Poor Jack was conked out napping, he missed some fun.
Kiddie firework time, my boys love those little poppers that make a huge mess!! UGH!! They had fun doing all the "kiddie fireworks".

I love this idea, I saw it on Pintrest and luckily I was at the beach and able to do it!! Farewell 2011, Hello 2012!

Next up was the real show! It was time to PARTY!!
Our beach bonfire! The boys just love doing these!!
Aaron and Ryan, relaxing by the fire.
They New Year's Queens!!
Happy New Year's from the Hopson family!!!
We had such a great time at the beach house!! It was a great week and I SO did NOT want to come home and go back to reality!! Summer where are you?!?

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